"Small Business- Shoreline Sandwich Company

Shoreline Sandwich Company is a family-owned and operated deli and recently opened a second location.  Shoreline's restaurant on Leopard has an environmentally conscious feel as much of its decor is made from recycled or re-purposed materials, and they have a recycling station for customers. Shoreline also uses aper bags and cardboard to-go containers instead o f plastic bags and Styrofoam. Shoreline Sandwich Company has made decisions that reduce their impact on the local environment."

We were very proud to be selected by the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation as a recipient of the Coastal Bend Small Business Award for our "green". environmentally-friendly concept at our Uptown Location. We repurposed old bowling lanes for our tables, used recycled barn wood on some of our walls.  In addition, we make every effort to recycle, use kraft bags made of recycled paper and use eco-friendly to-go containers.  

Thank you Coastal Bend Bays Foundation for this recognition!